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Transit to a new normal in school and how to get back on track

Body language and the flexibility of our kids. We did our very best to keep up through online lessons and home schooling. And still we are dealing with the pandemic regulation consequences, awaiting what the outcome of the precautions taken against the third wave will be. We got used to some of the regulations, but we all lack contacts, because we still need to minimize our social visits. It takes long to get through this.

Our kids are not allowed to have playdates and birthday parties for almost a year now. There are no big events like fairs, Santa parade, even shopping became a rare occasion. When they are amidst other people, besides their own family, they need to social distance and wear a mask, no hugs and kisses and they need to speak up louder to make people understand. Body language is normally fifty percent of their behaviour, most of it gets lost behind the kids masks and due to the distance. And suddenly we, as parents and teachers, realize Covid-19 got us all off track more then we expected. It stays unsaid but this is not what we wanted and not the impact expected after all our efforts made during this time. We would like to catch up. Do we realize the flexibility of our young children? especially their life is turned upside down during this pandemic outbreak. Schools have been closed for a long period two times, suddenly homeschooled by their parents, or attending online lessons with their teachers in a virtual class room. If they are sniffing or coughing a little they have to be sent home again immediately and getting tested. The classes are minimized, a lot of their friends are kept home. From the children who are being homeschooled normally can be said that their life is changed too. And there is not so much complaining right? They are flexible, we have to admit even more than us. A child is open to receive, eager to learn and always ready to adjust, to be able to fit in the family and community. If we expect a normal level on education, we would overrate the skills of our young ones, especially when they already struggle to keep up with the demands of the often changing regulations. At first we need to make them understand there is no ground for fear, then tell them how proud they make us by adjusting to this new lifestyle. We should help them vent about what they miss so dearly. If all this is done, they will feel understood and appreciated for the sacrifices they make together with us. The most flexible human beings are our young children. We should keep this in mind when we help our kids through this pandemic and when it’s over leading them gradually back on track, with adjusted expectations concerning the levels they should achieve.

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