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My Motto: Happy Home!

If parents dare to live, children will follow

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Sometimes we feel lost, but we are in control. Be in charge of your own life, not out of fear, but out of love. 

Your path is unique. 

Dare to live!


Curriculum Vitae
I started my career in Cultural Social Work in the Netherlands as a placement student providing debt assistance and psychosocial counseling. After I graduated for my Bachelor Degree, I assessed children with Psychiatric Disorders and Somatic disabilities and I worked in Foster Care and Child Protection Services. I accomplished my placement (Master of Science) at the Child Protection Services as well and completed my Basic Assessment and Diagnostics Skills (NOTE: I am not Licensed to provide Diagnoses).  During this period my husband and I joined the family partnership and
I became a part-time farmer as well. We were running a poultry farm and a horse pension. In my job as a protection worker I received the opportunity to do research along my clinical work and my interests for research and teaching were growing. I became a lecturer at the University of Amsterdam in Educational Sciences, specialty Forensic Child and Youth care, for the Bachelor and Master degree and I lectured at the NHL Universities for the Bachelor Social Work. During this period I started my own company Loving Caring Advice and Research in the Netherlands and participated in the network Jeugd Advies Noord (Youth Advice North) for self-employed professionals. My ongoing PhD program started in 2017 and I worked together with the Highland Shores Children's Aid Services in Belleville on my project "Meet the Parents", about parents' (traumatic) intrusive life events in relationship to child safety and the quality of the work relationship with their protection worker. Involved Universities; Vrije University Brussels (Belgium), Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Rijks University Groningen (The Netherlands), University Ottawa (Canada). Since December 2018 I opened the doors of my Practice in Renfrew, Canada.


Canadian Recognition

The University of Toronto assessed my European Master of Science awarded at the University of Amsterdam and reported that the degree is from a recognized University (June 27, 2018). I am a General member at the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals OAMHP 5999-G. The CASW confirmed that my qualifications are equivalent to a Canadian Master of Social Work Degree (May 24, 2019), and my registration number at the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service is Workers OCSWSSW is 833525 (July 10, 2019). 



  • Health Insurance / Benefits plan 

  • Indigenous Services Canada: First Nations and Inuit Branch / Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) and Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program (IRS RHSP)

  • Medavie Blue Cross: Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) / Veterans Affaires Canada (VAC)

  • Ontario Works / Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)


I grew up on a farm and partnered in the family farm in the northern province Fryslân in the Netherlands. With my husband Klaas and daughter Ilsa I immigrated in March 2017 from the Netherlands to Renfrew Ontario. Our son Nick and daughter Maria are born in Canada. My husband is a heavy equipment Mechanic. He works at Toromont Industries in Kanata and we farm (Dairy and Beef cattle operation) a long with my parents, my brothers and family in Horton township. I love nature, animals -especially my Arabian horse 'Jody', and our Australian Sheppard 'Lucas', hiking, theater, music, crafting/crocheting and the best of all I love to be a Happy Family! 


Johanna Bakker BSW, MSc, RSW
Registered Social Worker  
Forensic Child and Youth care Scientist


Born: 13 December 1984, Sneek The Netherlands

Married: 17 June 2004, Klaas de Vries

Children: Ilsa 22 June 2014 - Nick 13 January 2018 - Maria 19 September 2020





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