Recall to the mental health workers/scientists to rely on the mental strength in humanity

Around the world I see that colleagues, (foster) caregivers who support adults, children and teens in need for care, start to worry about a growing psychiatric epidemic (trauma / PTSD, depression, anxiety etc) and a severe increase for child maltreatment.

I don't support those concerns and thoughts. Where is the belief in empowerment we strive for? In times of war, people have shown a great resilience and flexibility to manage and handle the situation. We need to stand strong together and do not spread more fear in this fearful situation. People are looking at us and admit it is hard to manage. The first healthy coping-strategy is admit your fear and they did that already if they decided to come to us. We can support this by admitting it is, but we are capable to manage if we accept this situation and learn from it to make a new personal plan how to live daily with our family during this time. People who are not reaching out to us, people we see as: people who like to avoid care are satisfied with this isolated situation. Society is not expecting anything from them, so there is less tension and reason to maltreat their children. If we look at the parent - child interaction in child protection services, the strongest risk factor for physical abuse and neglect appear to be that the parent perceives their ch