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Stay open, but how if you know that things are not so pretty inside? and you know that if you talk, people surrounding you start to worry, become mad, quiet or even hurt you more and walk away from you. How do you (re)connect?

Firstly, we are used to tell each other the beautiful and enjoyable things in our life. I am active on social media as well. I love reading the interesting articles and the personal photo's, quotes and stories from other people and share mine as well.

To be open if you don't feel pretty inside can be a struggle in the online world. It doesn't give you much comfort if you post enjoyable things online and the real truth is that you feel awful inside.

Important is that you don't forget to pay attention to that part as well. Behavior we are all familiar with is, flee. Crawling away in our house, focus on our work and hiding our feelings inside. The truth is that you will end up more miserable, even if you managed to hide your feelings for many years. It might became your life style: it is not about you anymore, but the people (spouse, your children, family, friends, co-workers) surrounding you.