OPEN: online consultation

The Practice is open to provide online Mental Care.

If you are a visiting client (children - adults - teens), you will receive an email about your upcoming appointment. You can decide if you would like to convert the appointment into a video or audio appointment or cancel and re-schedule if in-person appointments will be provided again.

While the Practice's physical office remains closed due to the COVID-19, please note that there may be some delay in response time during this period. For clients on the waiting list, I will contact you as soon a spot becomes available. Please note that the waiting time depends on the interest for the Practice's online services.

Important: (free) video or audio appointments are both an option. You need a working camera / microphone on your device (phone, computer, tablet) to be able to connect.  Please feel free to contact (613 312 9608) me if you have any questions or concerns. 

Stay safe!

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