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Closure Mental Care Practice

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

October 2021

Second Announcement Closure - Mental Care Practice - November 1st, 2021

Dear everyone, After 7 years of doing my PhD in my spare time, I made the decision to quit. Due to the data stop (Covid-19) I realized that I no longer had enough time to enjoy my own family life, which is my motto in life! I am going to farm full time, which means that I will also close the doors of my mental health care practice after 3 years in Renfrew (ON). In the winter periods I plan to write a book/articles with my mother (writer). Thank you for your trust in me and I hope to stay in touch!

Johanna Bakker BSW, MSc, RSW

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GulleyFarms

If you are interested in our family Farm (Dairy & Beef), check out our website! I already started selling our own beef, single and large packages. Drop by or order online your local beef!

140 Tinswood Road, Renfrew, ON, Canada

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