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Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Wednesday December 26, 2018

Boxing-day in Canada is 2nd Christmas day in the Netherlands. We headed to Ottawa for a family day at the History / Children's museum in Gatineau!

First we met the ancestors of Canada.

Our second tour was at the children's museum. Ilsa and Nick started to travel with their passport and we even saw the Herengracht, in our home country (photo below). After we traveled the world, we stepped in the theater and saw the Disney-movie BRAVE. Ilsa sat between us and ended up three chairs away from us to be on her own. Queen Elinor had high expectations of her daughter, she probably recognized herself in the rebellious princess Merida.

But suddenly she came to me, because she was afraid of the scary bear. She cried and I did understand this was pretty frightning, but I felt she could handle this. She sat on my lap and left for her own seat after the scene.

The bear came back and again she came to sit with me. She shared her fears, we talked about it during the movie and she found comfort with me. Nick slept on Klaas his lap, probably still traveling around the world in his dreams.

On our way back Klaas and I made new plans for trips, to enjoy family life like we did today.

Be BRAVE and share your fears

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